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Join the Nurseworks Northwest Team

We are a group of Nurse Case Managers, working in the field of Washington Workers Compensation. Our services are requested by Washington state employers to assist in the medical management of their more difficult Workers Comp/Labor & Industries injury-claims. We work (via phone/text, email, letter/fax, sometimes in-person) with the injured worker and their healthcare provider team, and relay findings back to the employer.

Aside from RN clinical experience, no other experience is necessary, although computer skills and other organizational skills are very helpful in your success as a NCM. If you don’t already have it, you will need to obtain your CCM designation (Certified Case Manager), but you can certainly start training without it.

You are paid by billable hours for the work you do on your caseload of injured workers. You work as an independent contractor, NurseWorks Northwest supplies you with cases. You get to choose your work schedule, working from home, but ideally you would work during regular business/doctor’s office-hours, at least 20 hours/week to start. Training is not paid, as a valuable skill is being imparted onto you. That being said, if the contractor is quick to pick up on policy/procedure, they will be billing (with me by their side) within the first few weeks of training.

Hourly rate is based on experience and your ability to be fully independent once trained, but starts at minimum $55/hour for professional time billed.

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