Who We Are

Trust. Hard Work. Community. Passion.
Tricia Daniel RN, CCM, WWCP

“the feisty one”

How did it all start? I saw Injured Workers frustrated with their industrial injury diagnosis/treatment. I saw Healthcare Providers inundated with LNI forms, with a disconnect between their patients and claims managers. I saw Employers discouraged by the rising cost of LNI claims, with difficulty navigating the medical side of their employee LNI claims. So I started this business providing an independent, cost effective service, with a vision of emphasizing TEAMWORK amongst all parties involved in the Workers Compensation process. I don’t rest until there’s resolution! How do I find my sanity? When I’m not working, I’m cycling, running, hanging out with my super cool Army/college kid, and sailing the great blue sea with my fella.

Denice M. Loken BSN, RN, CCM, WWCP

“the articulate one”

Communication is key with my injured workers, healthcare providers, and employers–to assure the always-present-goal of forward claim momentum. Medical claim needs are discussed (including focus on the accepted medical conditions and treatment options under WA LNI and/or National Guidelines) and relayed quickly/efficiently to all parties, including the injured worker. I value working with integrity and due diligence on each claim, from in-depth catastrophic claims to more straightforward sprain/strain claims. Aside from my nursing career, I enjoy staying active and spending time with friends and family, including my three very loved and amazing college-aged sons.

Rachel Garcia BA, RN, CCM, WWCP

“the tireless one”

I work and play HARD! Which means that I am goal oriented, determined and motivated. Teamwork is in my blood, so I start by building relationships with my injured workers and their employers. My background in Nurse Case Management has taught me to understand and navigate complicated diagnoses, and has allowed me to develop rapport with various Washington State Healthcare Providers. Teamwork means ideal treatment plans are assured. What does this mean? That return to work is not only attainable, but inevitable! Aside from my career in Nursing, I am an avid runner, climber, and long-distance backpacker (including thru-hiking the PCT from Mexico to Canada!).

Tonja Campbell BSN, RN, CCM, WWCP

“the cerebral one”

I take it all in by studying the situation to determine the appropriate game-plan. I see the disruption that results from the work place injury, and the effect that it has on employees and employers. I seamlessly assist everyone affected by the injury/illness by seeing the injured worker through the rehabilitation process. I am a resource, a liason, and a coach for both the injured worker and the employer. I get great satisfaction seeing the injured worker succeed in a return-to-work plan, so they can lead a healthy and productive life. In my free time I enjoy hiking, climbing, triathlons, and chasing after my energetic kids!

Katie Poinier MA, BSN, RN, CCM

“the zealous one”

If my experience as a Nurse Case Manager has taught me anything, it’s that relationships and collaboration are key. I build strong foundations with my colleagues and clients, and I use all my resources, capacities, and skills in order to get the job done. I am here as your partner and advocate throughout the injury and rehabilitation process. My experience with complex situations allows me to balance multiple perspectives so that the injured worker and the employer move toward the common goal of returning to restored health and work in the best way possible. In my free time, you can find me spending time with my beloved or hitting the trails with my sweet dog.

Breen Lorenz BSN, RN, CCM

“the decisive one”

Yes, I have a critical eye, but I am also objective and fair. The injured worker is a person, and although we focus on objective findings in L&I, we must consider the whole picture. My years of experience as a Nurse with a varied background including ICU, case management, utilization review, and public health has taught me to uncover findings overlooked by healthcare providers, which leads to better claim outcomes. My work with the various healthcare providers throughout Washington State has resulted in a mutual respect, as I advocate for our injured workers and the claim process. My free time is filled with family, gardening, travel and the great outdoors.